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Mykonos Studios & Apartments

  Mykonos Island Greece

One of the most famous Greek islands, with its brilliantly-white windmills and sugar-lump houses, Mykonos is also the most commercial and the most modern. It is a great favorite with American tourists, and there is a high percentage of gay tourists too - Mykonos has become a trendy summer destination. You may be well surprised by the number of churches on the island. In the past many of the inhabitants of Mykonos indulged in piracy, and whenever they encountered difficulties at sea they vowed to erect a church if they managed to get home safety. Lots of pirates, lots of vows, lots of churches! Although the island is packed with tourists, Mykonos town is still extremely charming, It is easy to lose yourself in the delightful little streets, which are lined with small white houses with faded blue shutters. Interspersed among the houses are churches and tavernas, and you will notice that the houses have been whitewashed so often their contours have become rounded. Even if solitude is your idea of fun, and crowds are an anathema to you, you still need to see Mykonos at least once in your life.


  Mykonos Studios & Apartments

Mykonos is full of small, beautiful , traditional, white, family-run studios most of which are presented in this website. There is a wide variety to choose from, with or without pool, reception, garden, parking,  kitchen, fridge, air condition, satellite tv, telephone, wireless internet, safety box and other services and facilities.
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by Nikos Grivas